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3DGENCE agreement

On September 22, 2021, a cooperation agreement was concluded between the University of Bielsko-Biala, represented by J.M. Rector, dr hab. Jacek Nowakowski, prof. ATH, and the 3DGENCE company represented by President Sebastian Sczasny.

The 3DGENCE company has been cooperating with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and the Inter-disciplinary Student Research Group “Engineer of XXI Century” for several years. The current contract covers support and patronage of the specialization: Design and 3D printing technologies at WBMiI, cooperation in the field of joint implementation of research and development projects, scientific conferences and cooperation with research clubs. Thanks to the agreement, students will also be able to use modern 3D printing technologies as part of their diploma theses and research projects.

The meeting was attended by: J.M. Rector dr hab. Jacek Nowakowski prof. ATH, President of 3DGENCE Sebastian Sczasny, Dean of WBMiI dr hab. Eng. Jacek Pezda prof. ATH, Vice-Dean for Student Affairs dr inż. Jacek Rysiński.

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