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About robots at Science Point ATH

On 9 July 2022r, as part of the Inter-disciplinary Student Research Group “Engineer of XXI Century”, Prof Robert Drobina, Dr Eng. Piotr Kaminski as well as Nikodem Kowalski and Mikołaj Poloczek presented a lecture entitled “History of robotisation, robots and cobots in terms of machine safety”.

The history of robotisation is discussed, and the various legal requirements and directives for integrating robots into production facilities are described. Industrial robots and those used in medicine are presented.

During the lecture, a robotics manipulator made by students, i.e. Nikodem Kowalski and Mikołaj Poloczek, graduates of the Zespołu Szkół Elektronicznych Elektrycznych i Mechanicznych w Bielsku-Białej im. Jędrzeja Śniadeckiego, was presented.

Robots very often replace humans, performing a variety of tasks for them, including monotonous tasks, which they carry out faster and with greater accuracy. They also perform tasks in hazardous conditions, thereby improving safety and ergonomics. It is difficult to imagine a world without robots and cobots, which very much interfere and cooperate with humans.

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