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On the 9th of April 2002, in Rybnik, the International Robotic Competition – Robotic Tournament took place. This is one of the biggest events of this type in Poland. During this edition 98 teams were registered, which prepared 268 robots.
Our team – ATH Robotics – took third place in the RoboDragRace, winning a bronze medal. This competition is a “robotic” version of the parallel race on 1/4 mile.

The winner was the robot of students from the University Politehnica of Bucharest with a time of 1:71 sec, second place was taken by the construction of students from the Wroclaw University of Technology with a time of 1:87 sec. Our robot crossed the track with a time of 2:07 sec.

During the competition we also took part in competitions:

  • minisumo – robot miniwonsz3 took 5th place,
  • minisumo – roboty zbychspych  and megawonsz9 took 3rd place in groups.
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