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On 18 June 2022, the 13th International Robot Competition ROBOTIC ARENA took place at the Wrocław University of Technology. Robots could compete in the following categories:  Horizon Automation Combat, LineFollower Drag, LineFollower Enhanc3D Light, LineFollower Enhanc3D Turbo, LineFollower Turbo, LineFollower Light, NanoSumo, MicroSumo Enhanced, MiniSumo Enhanced, Sumo, MegaSumo, Freestyle, Micromouse 16×16, RoboSprint, PuckCollect. We prepared

22nd BFNiS is over!

The 22nd Beskid Science and Arts Festival (Beskidzki Festiwalu Nauki i Sztuki) is over! Thank you to everyone who visited us and saw the stands prepared by us.Thank you for your questions and interest. During the festival, we were visited by Karol Wójcicki, a science journalist who runs the portal and profile Z głową w gwiazdach. Thank you! 

Workshops in ABB

On 26 May 2022 students of Automation and Robotics took part in workshops organized by ABB Bielsko-Biała.They visited laboratories and production lines. They took part in interesting workshops presenting new technologies used in designing low-voltage switchgears and DC switchgears. They visited the New Technologies Centre. The meeting was organised in cooperation with the Career Service

Vision systems in practice

Industry 4.0 shows great potential to increase productivity, improve product quality, reduce operating costs or increase production flexibility.  Machine vision will be a key element of automation systems in Industry 4.0. Data available through vision equipment will be used to identify and mark defective products, understand their shortcomings and enable fast and effective intervention in the Industry 4.0


On the 25 May 2022 in the Auditorium Maximum of University of Bielsko-Biala there was a presentation of the research probe project undertaken by the students of V High School in Bielsko-Biala. In April the team of 4 people, Team VLO, won 1st place in the CanSat competition organized by the European Space Agency. Team

KUKA College

On 06 May 2022 students of our faculty, Automation and Robotics, took part in a training organised at KUKA College in Tychy. As part of the course, they became familiar with the basics of industrial robot operation and the software used in the robotisation process.Practical exercises included operation of KUKA robots. In the further part

“Success in space”

On the 12th of April 2022 the final of a European CanSat Competition 2021/2022 was held, in which participated students of V High School in Bielsko-Biała – TeamVLO: Krzysztof Janota, Emil Kielar, Natalia Pierkiel and Julia Zielińska. The young constructors from our city took 1st place! This year’s edition of the competition was conducted in


On the 9th of April 2002, in Rybnik, the International Robotic Competition – Robotic Tournament took place. This is one of the biggest events of this type in Poland. During this edition 98 teams were registered, which prepared 268 robots. Our team – ATH Robotics – took third place in the RoboDragRace, winning a bronze medal.


On 05th April 2022 there was held International Fair “Industrial Spring” organized by Kielce Fair S.A. Students of our Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science together with faculty members took part in it. The Fair featured exhibits related to:  metalworking – STOM-TOOL sheet metal processing and cutting – STOM-BLECH&CUTTING laser technology – STOM-LASER robotics

Centrum Inzynieryjne agreement

09 marca 2022, a cooperation agreement was concluded between the University of Bielsko-Biala, represented by J.M. Rector, dr hab. Jacek Nowakowski, prof. ATH, and the Centrum Inżynieryjne company represented by President Tomasz Zawada and Michał Targosz. The Centrum Inżynieryjne company has been cooperating with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and the Inter-disciplinary

Stepper motor mobile carriage test bench

Today we present a laboratory workstation for a mobile carriage with a stepper motor. The authors of this work are Adrian Grygierczyk and Sebastian Hańderek. They developed the technical documentation, control system and built the whole system.The Siemens S7-1200 was used in the project. Test stand will be used during laboratory lessons.

Mechatronic Systems Lab

New mechatronic systems laboratory, with stations: pneumatics – to learn about the operation of pneumatic actuators used in industry; electropneumatics – enabling learning about the operation of pneumatic actuators and electrovalves used in industry. Additionally a signal concentrator is included; pneumatics and electropneumatics, equipped with pneumatic actuators and sensors. The post is in compliance with

HEXAPOD – first steps

A project carried out by Jakub Miętus. As part of the work, he made a 3D model of the robot and conducted the necessary simulations. Elements of the structure were made in 3D printing technology. At present, the biggest challenge is to programme the motion sequence in the best possible way. The FABRIK algorithm (Forward

Omni-Directional Robot

An omnidirectional drive is a type of holonomic drive. It has a relationship between the number of degrees of freedom available and the number of degrees of freedom controlled. It is used in mobile robots and vehicles to increase their manoeuvrability. It is particularly suitable for use in dense spaces such as warehouses. This