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Conference with Patronage and Financing of MEiN

We are extremely pleased to announce that the XII International Conference of Students and PhD Students “Engineer of the 21st Century” has received the patronage of the Minister of Education and Science.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science has received funding from the Minister of Education and Science from the Excellent Science program in the amount of approximately PLN 54,000 to support the XII International Conference of Students and Doctoral Students “Engineer of the 21st Century.”

This year’s edition will be held on December 9, 2022 and, as in the previous 11 editions, participation will be free of charge. The organization of the last two editions, in such difficult times for us, exceeded our wildest expectations. Without the help and work of many people, to whom we extend our sincere thanks, as well as the financial support of the Minister, we would not have been able to carry it out in the same way. The thematic scope of the interdisciplinary international conference “Engineer of the 21st Century” includes widely understood issues from: mechanics and machine construction, automation and robotics, mechatronics, production engineering, computer science, transportation and vehicle operation.

The international scientific conference “Engineer of the 21st Century” has an unusual character. Entrepreneurs from the automotive, IT and electrical and mechanical engineering industries, during lectures and workshops, present industry development trends and problems to be solved, present new technologies, equipment and software, and demonstrate their operation. During the poster session, students and doctoral students have a chance to present their team or author achievements, demonstrate fabricated devices, which are most often a response to the expectations and projected needs of companies. This is an excellent opportunity for the two to meet, get to know each other and exchange experiences, as well as to establish scientific cooperation with industry representatives and with other research centers. Each of the conference participants has the opportunity to publish the results of their scientific research in the form of a chapter in a monograph.

Every year the results of the conference are presented in the press, regional television. A website is maintained at:, on the pages of which the conference is promoted and research papers are presented, and in the last two years the proceedings of the conference could be followed through a public broadcast on YouTube, which had a positive effect on interest in the conference. In view of this and the experience gained, with this year’s edition we would like to continue organizing the conference in a stationary form with the possibility of broadcasting for participants who cannot attend the event directly.

We cordially invite you on December 9, 2022. (Friday) for the XII International Conference of Students and Doctoral Students “Engineer of the 21st Century”.

The project for funding with the help of the deans of WBMiI was prepared by Dr. Dorota Więcek, Eng.

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