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IV Conference “Engineer of XXI Century”


Inter-disciplinary Student Research Group
“Engineer of XXI Century”

Honorary patronage:

Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science
prof. dr hab. inż.
Jacek Stadnicki

International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science

Invited & plenary speakers (in Polish & English):

  1. Stanisław GINDA, Prezydent European Association of Development Agencies
    Money does not bring happiness but … (financing the development of entrepreneurship)

  2. dr hab. inż. Sławomir GRYŚ, Politechnika Częstochowska
    Active thermography – method of NDT in an interdisciplinary perspective. Sought to hire: mathematician, programmer, electronic engineer, …

  3. Vladimír KRUTIŠ – ESI
    ESI GROUP – Experts in Virtual Engineering for the Industrial World

  4. Eduards DEVELS – DES ART
    The Altair HyperWorks Environment

  5. Damian DUDŁO – KS Automotive
    Tecnomatix – the comprehensive and effective simulation tool for optimization of manufacturing processes

  6. Maciej KAWIAK – TRW
    Era Inżyniera – dowiedz się jak pracuje inżynier w nowoczesnej firmie

  7. Paweł ZIOBRO, Kinga KARETA COMAU Poland
    Market demand for products to reduce media consumption

  8. Paweł WRÓBEL – ASTOR
    Fault-tolerant Control Systems

  9. Tomasz ZIAJA – ASTOR
    Zastosowania robotów Kawasaki

  10. Paweł FIREK – ASTOR
    Virtualization of IT systems

  11. Adrian KAPCZYŃSKI – Politechnika Śląska

  12. Jarosław GAWRON – CISCO
    Evolution of the LAN – from the coaxial cable to Aplication Centric Infrastructure

  13. Andriy Kerez, Cisco University Connection
    Kariera w Cisco. Zainwestuj w przyszłość

Outline programme:

1. Michał BAJERSKI, Supervisor: Andrzej MASNY
Design and implementation of controlled numerically CNC machines

2. Oleksandra BAKAY, Supervisor: Yuriy LAKH
Using Protection and Personalization Technologies in Payment Cards Emitting

3. Peter BARAN, Robert GREGA, Supervisor: Robert GREGA
Development of dual mass flywheel from the perspective of the future powertrain system

The electric pulse technology of metallurgical silicon grinding

5. Michał BILKOWSKI, Mariusz KÓZKA, Marcin PUCHAŁKA, Supervisor: Jacek RYSIŃSKI
Unconventional use of mitsubishi RV-2AJ robot to the game of checkers

6. Michał BUDREWICZ, Supervisor: Jarosław JANUSZ
Visualization of industrial robot work

7. Michał BOGUSZ, Supervisor: Igor KURYTNIK
Mobile platform with manipulator

8. Yanina DULISHKOVICH, Marina MAGA, Supervisor: Vitaliy GERASIMOV
Improving a sensor system for measurement of force loadings parameters for clothing using a microcontroller

9. Paulina GARLICKA, Supervisor: Józef DREWNIAK
Springback effect in sheet metal forming

10. Paulina GARLICKA, Robert MITORAJ, Supervisor: Stanisław ZAWIŚLAK
Graph-based ratio calculations of planetary gears

11. Honorata GÓRNA, Supervisor: Józef DREWNIAK
Dimensional analysis and modeling in engineering applications

12. Aneta GRECKA, Supervisor: Józef MATUSZEK
Analysia of the software funkctionality to menag the unit of local government administration

13. Daniel JANCARCZYK, Supervisor: Igor KURYTNIK
Light following robot

14. Michał JĘDRZEJOWSKI, Supervisor: Józef DREWNIAK
Problem of low-cycle fatigue elements of machines

A sensor for monitoring underground heat pipelines

16. Kinga KARETA, Paweł ZIOBRO, Supervisor: Dorota WIĘCEK, Paweł ZIOBRO
Market demand for products to reduce media consumption

17. Mateusz KÓSKA, Supervisor: Józef DREWNIAK
Methodology of determination resonance frequencies of gear shaft based on Campbell’s diagram

18. Krzysztof KRÓL, Supervisor: Igor KURYTNIK
Line follower – mobile robot

19. Konrad KRUPA, Supervisor: Marek SZCZOTKA
An analysis of a riser pull-in winch drum

20. Łukasz KRYSTA, Supervisor: Stanisław ZAWIŚLAK
Metro map drawing – correction options

21. Paulo KULAKOV, Tatiana GNES, Supervisor: Vladimir KUCHERUK
The radiofrequency identification systems of animals for stall milking machines

22. Robert LIS, Bogdan MEDWID, Supervisor: Igor KURYTNIK
Thermal imager diagnosis – fast, safe and accurate assessment technical and electrical installations assessment in normal operating conditions

23. Paweł MAGIERA, Tomasz MAZUR, Dawid ZGUD, Wojciech WALCZAK, Supervisor: Jacek RYSIŃSKI
Project of weather station on Raspberry Pi single-board computer

24. Krzysztof MARKIEWICZ, Supervisor: Ewa FUDALEJ-KOSTRZEWA
Analysis of Toyota 4E-FE engine balance, using Autodesk Inventor

25. Jerzy MARSZAŁEK, Supervisor: Józef DREWNIAK
Dynamic analysis of two-stage cylindrical gear

26. Robert MITORAJ, Supervisor: Józef DREWNIAK
Introduction to problem of high-cycle fatigue elements of machines

27. Paweł MOL, Szymon PAWELA, Patrycjusz ZYZAŃSKI, Supervisor: Jacek RYSIŃSKI
Visualization of parameters measured by the converter Lumel P12P

28. Tomasz NEUMANN, Supervisor: Józef DREWNIAK
Calculation of scuffing load capacity of cylindrical gears. Flash temperature method

29. Tomasz NEUMANN, Supervisor: Józef DREWNIAK
Calculation of scuffing load capacity of cylindrical gears. Integral temperature method

30. Adam POTOCZNY, Damian WÓJCIK, Łukasz CZULAK, Rafał BOROŃ, Szymon OPACH, Supervisor: Jacek RYSIŃSKI
Raspberry house – Project

31. Michał RAJWA, Supervisor: Jacek RYSIŃSKI
Wireless data exchange with NRF24L01+ module using finite state machine software

32. Krzysztof RESZUTA, Supervisor: Józef DREWNIAK
Identification of meshing stiffness in spur gears

Application of electrohydraulic drill for heat exchangers

34. Marcin SZOPA, Supervisor: Jacek RYSIŃSKI
Simulation of fatigue cracks of cylindrical geared wheels utilizing BEASY system

35. Krzysztof TEKIELA, Supervisor: Józef DREWNIAK
Taguchi method in design of gears

36. Paweł TUCZNIO, Supervisor: Jacek RYSIŃSKI
Design and realization of digitally controlled amplifier

37. Matej URBANSKÝ, Jaroslav HOMIŠIN, Supervisor: Jaroslav HOMIŠIN
Use of Optical Sensors for Measuring of Torsional Oscillation Size

38. Marcin WIKTOR, Supervisor: Jarosław JANUSZ
The construction of a physical model Stewart-Gough platform

39. Marcin WIKTOR, Michał BUDREWICZ, Adrian CHAŁUPKA, Supervisor: Marcin SIDZINA
Bumpless exchange of information drivers PACSystems RX3i with redundancy

40. Marcin WIKTOR, Patrycjusz ZYZAŃSKI, Supervisor: Jarosław JANUSZ
Visualization of the blocks sorting in the InTouch

41. Marcin WILCZEK, Supervisor: Stanisław ZAWIŚLAK
Comparison of chosen graph coloring algorithms

42. Ewelina ZEMANEK, Supervisor: Stanisław ZAWIŚLAK
Library of procedures solving chosen graph theory problems

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