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V Conference “Engineer of XXI Century”


Inter-disciplinary Student Research Group
“Engineer of XXI Century”

Honorary patronage:

Minister of Science and Higher Education
prof. dr hab. Lena Kolarska-Bobińska

Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science
prof. dr hab. inż. Jacek Stadnicki

We would like to inform that “Engineer of XXI Century” – the V Inter University Conference of Students, PhD Students and Young Scientists will be held on 04 December 2015 at the University of Bielsko-Biała (ATH) in Bielsko-Biała, Poland.

The conference is organized by the “Engineer of XXI Century” Inter-disciplinary Student Research Group at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science of ATH.

The goals of the Conference are as follows: presentationof the most interesting works performed within a framework of different additional student activities as well as integration of students of our region. The conference is open also for Erasmus students who study at the University of Bielsko-Biala.

Scope of the Conference covers the topics related to the following fields of knowledge:

  • mechanics and machine building,
  • automation and robotics,
  • mechatronics,
  • informatics/computer science.

Poster session will be organized for presentation of the submitted papers.
The submitted papers will be rewieved by the members of the Scientific Committee. Upon the positive evaluation, the works will be printed in the Conference Preceedings, i.e., Special Edition of the Scientific Journal of the Faculty of Machine Engineering and Computer Science.

In case of PhD-students, there is a possibility of printng their papers in well known journal i.e.: International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering. However the works have to be prepared according to the publication recuirements published in the website All the submitted works/papers will be evaluated by the independent rewievers nominated by the Journal.

The papers approved for printing in the special issue of the Special Edition of the Scientific Journal of the Faculty of Machine Engineering and Computer Science will be not charged any fee. Printing of the papers in the journal: “International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering” will be charged by fee in the following amount: 500 zl (125 Euro).

Registration of Participants

All information are available and registration can be done by means of the internet website:
Therefore, we kindly ask Prospective participants for on-line registration as early as possible.

Confirmation of participation in the Conference, submission of the papers, information on the reviewing process and Conference Announcements (Circulars) will be delivered via this service.

Submission of papers
The papers for the Conference can be submitted in English or Polish.

The papers should be delivered only in electronic form using the MS Word 2000 / 2003 wordprocessor. They have to be formatted according to the guidelines and the template available from the above mentioned website: (download template).

All correspondence connected with participation in the Conference should be viewed via the official web-address of the Conference

The papers which obtain the positive evaluation during the reviewing process are accept for publication and presentation.

The papers will be published as separate chapters.

Due to the publishing process the deadlines for submission of papers as well as submission of reviewed versions (corrected) should be held.

Important Dates:

  • 01.04.2015 – full text of article (International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering) – first deadline
  • 01.07.2015 – full text of article (International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering) – second deadline
  • 10.10.2015 – registration of Participants – registration form
  • 30.10.2015 – submission of the full text of a paper
  • 07.11.2015 – submission of the corrected text of a paper
  • 04.12.2015 – Conference
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