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EastROBO ‘2021 and gold medal!

On November 20, 2021, the ninth edition of the EastROBO ‘2021 International Robot Competition took place. It is the largest robotic event in north-eastern Poland, organized by the scientific circle of Mobile Intelligent Systems of the Białystok University of Technology.

Our university was represented by the ATH Robotics Team, consisting of students from the Science Club “Engineer of XXI Century”: Damian Pytka, Robert Szetyński and Mateusz Dziubek. In the sumo category, the Gigawonsz81 robot was victorious in all fights, resulting in being awarded the gold medal!

Most robots were entered in the mini-sum category. The eliminations were conducted in four groups. Our team put up two robots that easily advanced to the final round. Ultimately, the Megawonsz9 robot took fourth place, while Zbychspych – 7th!

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