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Graph-based modelling in science, technology and art

New book proposal for scientists involved in application of graph theory

PROPOSED TITLE: Graph-based modelling in science, technology and art

The Editors of the proposed book are: Stanislaw Zawiślak, Jacek Rysiński

The SPRINGER book will be edited – under framework of MMS Series – Series Editor: Prof. Marco Ceccarelli.

CALL FOR CHAPTERS/Circular no 2 – pdf


According to technology: According to science: According to art: According to graphs:
– mechanical engineering,
– machine and mechanism science (formerly MMT),
– mechatronics,
– civil engineering,
– management systems,
– production systems,
– production management,
– automation,
– robotics,
– design theory,
– chemistry,
– biomechanics,
– mechanics of fluids,
– social networks,
– networks,
– programming methodology,
– encoding,
– pattern recognition,
– IT, etc.
– text analysis,
– theatre play analysis,
– artificial scenarios,
– plot analysis and creating,
– semantic networks
– linear graphs,
– digraphs,
– mixed graphs,
– signal-flow graphs,
– bond-graphs,
– contour graphs,
– hypergraphs,
– vector-network graphs,
– generalized networks,
– matrices,
– networks,
– Petri-nets,
– graph grammars,
– dual graphs,
– graph related polynomials,

Deadlines (rough version)
▪ September 2019 Declarations of Authors of the Chapters
▪ October/November 2019 Signing an agreement/contract
▪ November 2019 Confirmation of the project
▪ April-May 2020 Delivering of proposed Chapters
▪ May-June 2020 Reviewing process
▪ Early June 2020 Final acceptance of the submitted Chapters
▪ November 2020 Submission of final version of the BOOK
▪ December 2020
beginning of 2021 printing of books to Authors

Contact Addresses:
Jacek Rysinski, Editor
Stan Zawislak, Editor
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science
2 Willowa Street, 43-309 Bielsko-Biała, Poland

In case of question – please – do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours Sincerely
Stan Zawislak and Jacek Rysinski

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