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Mechatronic Systems Lab

New mechatronic systems laboratory, with stations:

👉 pneumatics – to learn about the operation of pneumatic actuators used in industry;
👉 electropneumatics – enabling learning about the operation of pneumatic actuators and electrovalves used in industry. Additionally a signal concentrator is included;
👉 pneumatics and electropneumatics, equipped with pneumatic actuators and sensors. The post is in compliance with the requirements of the Central Examination Commission for education in the profession Mechatronics Technician, Mechatronics Fitter.
👉 electropneumatics – equipped with 4 pneumatic actuators and solenoid valves cooperating with a PLC controller. The set allows learning control algorithms for pneumatic systems;
👉 pneumatics elements control – for demonstrating basic pneumatics and electropneumatics;
👉 Control of pneumatic components with a programmable logic controller PLC;
👉 for learning about the operation of various sensors used in industrial automation and mechatronics systems;
👉 allowing the measurement and regulation of air pressure in a tank using an industrial regulator;
👉 measure and regulate the level of liquids in a tank using an industrial regulator;
👉 Position servo with PLC;
👉 a 2-axis manipulator with stepper motors.
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