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New laboratories WBMiI

In the summer semester of the academic year 2021/2022, WBMiI will launch new laboratories where classes will be taught:
  • vision systems (the only such laboratory in Poland) – these include stands for:
    1. smart vision sensors;
    2. code readers
    3. bin picking;
    4. profilometers
    5. PC-based vision systems (neuron PC)
    6. smart cameras with neural network algorithms.
  • mechatronic systems – these include the following stations:
    1. in the field of pneumatics – enabling learning about the operation of pneumatic actuators used in industry;
    2. electropneumatics – enabling learning about pneumatic actuators and solenoid valves used in industry. Additionally, a signal concentrator is attached to the set;
    3. pneumatics and electropneumatics station equipped with pneumatic actuators and sensors. The stand meets the requirements of the Central Examination Commission concerning education in the profession Mechatronics Technician and Mechatronics Fitter.
    4. electropneumatics – equipped with 4 pneumatic actuators and solenoid valves cooperating with PLC. The set allows learning control algorithms for pneumatic systems;
    5. pneumatics control kit – for demonstrating basic pneumatics and electropneumatics;
    5. pneumatics elements control kit equipped with a programmable logic controller PLC;
    6. allowing for learning the operation of various sensors used in industrial automation systems and mechatronics
    7. which makes it possible to measure and regulate air pressure in the tank with the use of an industrial regulator
    8. making it possible to measure and regulate the level of liquid in the tank with the use of an industrial regulator;
    9. A position-regulated servo-controller with a PLC;
    10. a 2-axis manipulator with stepper motors;
  • 3D printing, with industrial printers working in SLS, SLA, FDM technologies,
  • inverter programming.
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