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New robots and IT systems for students

Starting in the winter semester of the 2022/2023 academic year, WBMiI students will be able to use new equipment and IT systems during teaching. All of the new equipment is in our laboratory.

It is worth mentioning here, for example, the new autonomous robot MIR100, which the department has acquired through cooperation with Astor.
The MiR100 is a cooperative mobile robot with a payload capacity of up to 100kg and a load capacity of 300kg for smaller transportation tasks in industry, logistics and healthcare. Battery life is 10 hours or 20 km.

A few weeks ago, we reported on the opening of a new vision systems laboratory. This week, the station for so-called bin picking equipped with Cognex hardware was supplemented with a Mitsubishi 6-axis Melfa Assista RV-5AS-D assist robot with a Schunk finger gripper or Schmalz vacuum gripper interchangeably.

The robot works with a vision camera and can automatically recognize chaotically stacked components, which it will then sort into the appropriate bins. The stand and laboratory were launched in cooperation with the “Centrum Inżynieryjne” Company.

We purchased FlexSim software, which allows intuitive mapping and optimization of advanced manufacturing processes. Due to the extensive library of 3D objects, it is possible to faithfully reproduce the analyzed process – a production line, warehouse hall, or customer service process. Virtual Reality allows you to use VR glasses to move into the virtual world of our model and test it!

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