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Silesian Science Festival 2022

This is one of the largest events popularising science in Poland. It was inaugurated at the Chorzów Planetarium – Silesian Science Park. The opening gala was hosted by the Silesian Voivodeship. 

On 04 December 2022, all persons interested in science were invited to the International Congress Centre in Katowice. The meeting began with the ceremonial signing of a cooperation agreement to support Silesian innovation through the Erasmus+ Programme with universities from the Silesian Voivodeship and the City of Katowice. One of the eleven signatories is the University of Bielsko-Biała. Our university was represented by the JM Rector, Prof. Jacek Nowakowski, and the Pro-rector, Prof. Tomasz Knefel, who signed the agreement.

We could not miss this event!
WBMiI staff together with students prepared interesting lectures, workshops and scientific demonstrations.

Members of the Students Research Groups were involved in the organisation:

RESET,  WIP – Wirtualna Inżynieria Produkcji, Inżynier XXI wieku.

The 6th Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE is organised by: Silesian University in Katowice (the leader and initiator of the event), City of Katowice (the host city of the event), Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis and the Marshal’s Office of the Silesian Voivodeship (co-hosts), Silesian University of Technology, Medical University of Silesia, Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, Czestochowa University of Technology, University of Economics in Katowice, The Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice,  University of the Bielsko-Biala and the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

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