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“Success in space”

On the 12th of April 2022 the final of a European CanSat Competition 2021/2022 was held, in which participated students of V High School in Bielsko-Biała – TeamVLO: Krzysztof Janota, Emil Kielar, Natalia Pierkiel and Julia Zielińska. The young constructors from our city took 1st place!

This year’s edition of the competition was conducted in a on-line formula. During the final, the author’s solutions and results of many months of work were presented:
– construction of the probe,
– preparation of an original programme analysing data collected by the device,
– conducting a comparative analysis of research results and confronting them with the current state.

In the case of TeamVLO, the main objective was to analyze the age and condition of forest stands in the Błędowska Desert. The device constructed by young scientists from Bielsko-Biała can also be used to monitor large areas of forest fires or – after minor modifications – to search for water (in the future perhaps also on other planets). A huge advantage of the project is a very low cost of building the probe (about 200 euro) and its multi-purpose character.

TeamVLO is made up of students from the 5th High School in Bielsko-Biała; they are also members of the Inter-disciplinary Student Research Group “Engineer of XXI Century” University of Bielsko-Biala.

The team from Bielsko-Biała achieved a huge success by taking 1st place in our country!

As the only Poles, they also qualified for the European finals of CanSat 2021/2022, which will be held on 20-25 June in Bologna, Italy.

Work on the project was carried out under the scientific supervision of employees of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Bielsko-Biała: Dr. Sławomir Herma, Dr. Dawid Kotrys, and the principal of LO V, Marek Myśliński, M.Sc.

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