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Training at KUKA COLLEGE

How do you expand your knowledge and gain experience? The best way is by taking certified training courses!

Today we began a series of certified training courses prepared for WBMiI students. The training began with learning about the construction and programming principles of KUKA robots. The five-day training is held at Kuka College in Tychy, and is conducted by specialists with extensive experience in industry.

The aim of the training is, to acquire all the basic skills that are needed in programming KUKA robots. Issues related to:

– design and operation of KUKA robots, in particular: discussing the mechanics of KUKA robots, the KR C4 control cabinet, the KUKA SmartPAD panel and the safety of working with the robot,
– reading and interpreting robot messages, selecting and setting the robot’s mode of operation,
– movement of the robot in individual axes, selection of the coordinate system, or movement with respect to the universal coordinate system, tool coordinate system or base coordinate system,
– rules related to the calibration of the robot,
– preparation of control applications,
– and others.

Training funded by the project: “Academy of the Future – Comprehensive Development Program of the University of Bielsko-Biała” project number POWR.03.05.00-00-Z035/17-00.

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