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Workshops at Science Point

On 16 November 2022, at Gemini Park/Science Point, a workshop prepared as part of a collaboration between the Inter-disciplinary Student Research Group ‘Engineer of XXI Century’, Student Research Group Reset and Student Research Group WIP were held.

Topics included ergonomics and the application of the Internet of Things to sports and leisure applications.

Ergonomics in sport:

  1. aims to apply the principles and create optimal training conditions to improve the body’s performance, keeping environmental and psychosocial factors at the highest level;
  2. examines human performance in relation to performance issues;
  3. examines the athlete’s preparation for exercise, the place of training.

During the workshop it was possible to learn:

  1. why should ergonomics, as a science of work, be conducive to a long and comfortable life?
  2. what if your metabolic age is twice as high as the one indicated by your PESEL?
  3. how simple cycling without prior preparation and adjustment of the ergonomic seat can cause many health problems?
  4. how carrying a handbag on one shoulder contributes to a different distribution of muscle tissue in the upper limbs?
  5. how notorious propping on one leg affects leg muscle asymmetry.

Members of the Student Research Group Reset conducted a technical workshop on the use of VR (oculus) technology.

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