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XChallenge 2022

On November 22, 2022, Poland’s largest International Robot Competition XChallenge 2022 (the previous name was ROBOmotion) took place. Our Student Research Group was represented by the reliable ATHRobotics team supported by high school student (members of our Student Research Group) from LOV from Bielsko-Biala.

We prepared robots in the sumo and mini sumo categories. The fights were very exciting and fierce. In the mini sumo category, in which the most robots were exhibited, we won all the elimination fights and we took first place in the group. As a result of fierce fighting in the finals we got “damage”. Finally, we took 5th place in the sumo and mini sumo categories.

The organizers of XChallenge 2022 were:

  1. Fundacja Wspierania Edukacji przy Stowarzyszeniu Dolina Lotnicza,
  2. Koło Naukowe Elektroniki i Technologii Informacyjnych (Politechnika Rzeszowska),
  3. Koło Naukowe Automatyków i Robotyków ROBO (Politechnika Rzeszowska),
  4. RoboLAB oraz oddział podkarpacki Polskiego Towarzystwa Informatycznego.
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